The Valentine’s Collar

The Valentine’s Collar
The Valentine’s CollarThe Valentine’s CollarThe Valentine’s CollarThe Valentine’s CollarThe Valentine’s CollarThe Valentine’s Collar

The Valentine Collar as well as an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.
The Valentine Collar is a single-item, your dog will love it.

Do you love Valentine, then check here Valentine Coat.

… & here is the Valentine’s Harness.

Here they look fantastic beautiful pictures of a unique photo shoot for Valentine’s Day!

1.540,00 € inkl. Mwst. inkl. 19% Mehrwertsteuer 19%
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1.540,00 € inkl. Mwst.

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Icon Product Parts

Components| Bestandteile:
Dog leash + Collar
Hundeleine + Hundehalsband

Icon Product Material

Vegan leather + Lurex  Brocade
Veganes Leder + Brokatlurex

Icon Product Washing

Wash information:
In the machine at 40 ° C in the laundry bag in the wool programme or by hand.
In der Maschine im Waschsäckchen im Wollwaschprogramm oder von Hand bei 40°C

Icon Product Options

Flexibility| von – bis:

Neck | Hals: 44 cm – 49 cm

Icon Product Size

Size | Größe:
Suitable for Whippets, Grayhounds, Bosten Terrier etc. | Passend für Whippets, Windhunde,  Bosten Terrier etc.

Icon Product Weight

Weight |Gewicht:
Harness | Harness:
Collar | Halsband: 59 gr.
Leash | Leine: 96 gr.
Coat | Mantel: