• Lulu meets Meg Cranston

    Lulu meets Meg Cranston
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    MEG CRANSTON  - Poodle Mix Michael Janssen Berlin July 5 - August 29, 2014, Potsdamer Straße 63

    Michael Janssen Berlin to announce the exhibition Poodle Mix with new paintings by conceptual artist Meg Cranston.

    The paintings on view have very common subjects in painting – bottles and dogs. The dogs featured in the paintings come from a video work Cranston did in 2008 called All the Dogs in the Pound for which she photographed all the dogs in Los Angeles animal shelters for the period of a month. It included a total of 750 dogs who needed new homes. “After living with humans and getting their photographs taken often dogs seem to understand how to pose for maximum impact”, says Cranston. People mostly adopt dogs by looking at photos on the web, so for shelter dogs a good photo is a matter of life or death…

    Meg Cranston: *1960 in Baldwin, NY. Lives and works in Venice, CA.

    Read more about Meg Cranston.

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