• Silver Light,

    shines so bright ...

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  • Skull and Bones

    Dogwear for tough guys and powerful girls!

    The door into the darkness.
  • Fine Dog Collars

    The most beautiful, robust and fantastically crafted dog collars. Suitable for dogs like Whippet, Greyhound, Bulldog, Poodle, Chinese Crest, Jack Russel,  Russian Toy Terrier etc.
    All for my beautiful neck!

    The Adventures of Lulu.

    Be a part of the amazing world of LULU dogwear | Berlin.
  • New and exclusive

    LULU DOGWEAR | BERLIN delivers fashion for dogs in a new dimension. Unique, limited and made ​​with ℒove.


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  • urban | noble

    The exclusive pet of the city wearing black of course.


    More Than Black
    BondStreet_lulu-dogwear (6) - Kopie - Kopie
  • That fits her dog.

    We manufacture dog clothes for your little dogs to about 5 kg | for medium to large dogs.


  • unique

     For unique dogs from unique people. 

    This is true love.

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  • The World of Lulu

    The inspiration of our dogs fashion Lulu has a lot to tell.

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  • Thumbnails

    • Show how much you love your dog.

      • Handgemachte Qualität
        Exklusive Designs
        Limitierte Editionen
      • Schneiderei & Schmuck
        Für Ihren Hund
        Vegane Bekleidung
      • „An einem schönen Nachmittag mit einem Hund auf einem Hügel zu sitzen, bedeutet wieder im Paradies zu sein, wo Nichtstun nicht Langeweile war, sondern Frieden.“

        Milan Kundera
    • exclusive Looks in fantastischen Variationen

      • unique


        unique fashion for your unique dog

      • P L

        P L

        pure white | PURE LULU | P L

      • Skull and Bones

        Skull and Bones

        Skull and Bones, a new and fresh interpretation.